Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wrong Hose, Honey!

Long, long time ago, when Big T was still ‘a Little T’ his parents owned two cars, one of them a very old station wagon. Even in those days gas prices were going up and down. And at the tender age of 4 he understood that his parents were not happy about this.

One day, while he was playing with his toys, he heard his mother ask his father to ‘fill up’ her car.

His dad was watching sports on tv and in no hurry to see to this task. He told his wife, that he would do it after a while and referred once more to the gas prices and the car being a guzzler.

Little T went outside. He had a great plan and he was going to surprise them. He just knew they would be tickled pink.

He opened the car door and pushed the start-button on the floor: he knew he could move the car closer to where it needed to be. After repeating this process a few times the car had rolled far enough down the drive way. Now he could get the hose in the car. He filled it ALL THE WAY!

Mission completed he went back inside to proudly tell his daddy, that he no longer had to fill up the car, because he had already taken care of it for him.

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