Friday, November 25, 2011

I did okay with his girlfriend and I LOVED my messy kitchen yesterday

He brought ‘the girl’!  He almost broke up with her, because she betrayed him. 

Did you ever go there? Telling him all the neutral things that make sense. Inside, as his mother you are thinking of ways TO KILL THAT LITTLE BITCH!

So, you thought I was a nice person? Maybe! But don’t hurt my kid!

He made up with her after he told me he couldn’t! Yet emotions took over!

And here they are ... together ... at our house! Obviously in love!

I wondered how I would feel, and act towards her. I also wondered how Big T would be.
And I am proud to say ... WE ARE ALL OK!

They arrived Wednesday night ... 

So yesterday, Big T and I started early as usual. And I knew he wanted to get that turkey in the oven by 10 am, so I was hurrying to do my desserts! And then I started on my son’s laundry (yes, he did it again!) Even though he told me, he would take care of it himself. Ah well, so I spoil him.
I don’t get to do it that often.

When the young couple joins us, our kid is telling us about this no-bake cheesecake he would like to add to the desserts. Not that we needed any more, it’s no wonder my jeans are so snug right now!

Picture this kitchen!

Big T is a messy cook and he has shit all over the place! Now my kid starts pulling out bowls, measuring cups, mixer ... asking for this and that ingredient.
HE WANTS PRETZELS! For the bottom part of this cheesecake. Girlfriend grins, tells me she was shocked also, but it tastes good!

Pretzels need to be smashed! He puts them in a ziplock and stomps around on it with bare feet.
Of course the baggie pops!! Pretzel dust and pieces are entertaining the dog!
We start over and I suggest the potato masher.

Girlfriend seems very submissive while ‘helping’ him in the kitchen. She tells me our son always cooks at her house.

So now he wants heavy cream and since we don’t have it, he will use 2% milk. OK!
Except he thinks he is going to BEAT IT STIFF!

My kid doesn’t seem to realize that milk doesn’t get STIFF!
So now a trip is required to the store — it HAS TO get stiff.

Poor kid seems to have a problem with things not getting stiff ... he flunked his lemon meringue pie last week too ... it didn’t get stiff either!

I ask him, “You are going LIKE THAT!?”

He is dressed in gym-shorts and flip-flaps. She is wearing a coat and boots.

They have the giggles when they get back! We now open the booze! Time for a drink!

He beats the cream, we are drinking now ... everybody slap-happy ... and the kitchen?
Holy Shit ... you have never seen anything like it!!!

Would you believe I was happy?  This is what HOME should feel like!

After we stuffed ourselves we hung out on the couch and watched a movie, ‘Wrecked’ very intense!  Dessert came during movie-time and that cheese cake was actually very good!

Our Thanksgiving was awesome .... how was yours?  I hope it was filled with love, joy and food!!!

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