Thursday, November 17, 2011

How can anger overtake motherly love ... with a 13 month old baby?

The ‘sarah-alert’ came out on Tuesday. Baby disappeared from his bedroom.
Mommy put him in bed at 10:30 on Monday night and when she went in his room to get him up Tuesday 11 AM  he was gone.

 The Sarah-alarm went out at 1:30 PM. Newsflashes on tv and radio and also on road-signs all around StLouis. There were reports of a man walking alongside the highway with what appeared to be a blue blanket? Sobbing family members during the evening news: young parents everywhere making sure windows were tightly locked, before they put THEIR baby to bed.

Terry and I watched later that night how a tiny body was retrieved from a wooded area, discovered by people that were talking a walk. My eyes filled with tears when I saw how tenderly the police officer carried a tiny body to the car. Was THIS the missing baby?

When I could talk again I said, “She didn’t walk into that baby’s room till 11 AM? A 13 month slept that late?”

The next morning I heard that same reaction from some of the young couples I work for.

Wednesday morning I received a call from my sister. “The 20-year-old mother confessed to beating her baby when he wouldn’t go back to sleep during the night. She couldn’t take it anymore.”

A horrible, tragic event! She lost control and JUST DID THAT!  She beat him till he stopped crying. Beat him till he STOPPED ... everything ... he would never bother her again. 

Last night more images, including a phone-number parents could call if they needed help.
 In case they felt they were losing control. Suddenly the media realized MORE young parents might need help with uncontrollable anger. 

But will that number be there when they need it? Will it prevent another parent from committing this unthinkable crime?

HOW COULD YOU ...  how could you possibly beat your baby like that?

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