Tuesday, November 22, 2011

When you DREAD the Holidays ...

For some of us the arrival of a Holiday weighs heavy on the heart. Holidays can be a horrible strain when you are all alone, or if this is the first Thanksgiving/Christmas without your loved one. 

Maybe you got divorced this year or maybe  your relationship ended.

 Or  maybe this is the first Holiday without one of your parents.

A sudden sadness, or a renewal of grief can be brought on by a day where loved ones gather and share. This sudden sadness can be overwhelming.

PLEASE, don’t stay alone ... ALLOW your friends to help you! You would not want anyone you love or care for suffer like this, so don’t walk away from your friends. There is always an extra chair at the table, extra hugs are there for you ... 

I am not quoting this from a book, I have been there. (Many years ago, but I remember oh so well)

After spending Thanksgiving with friends, I decided I could do Christmas alone ... nobody would know ... I lied to those who were kind enough to ask me;  I  told them I was spending time with ‘so-and-so’.

My divorce was final in May, and I should be fine by the Holidays, right?


I can tell you what you should NOT do!

1. Don’t go for a walk at night and look in those windows, where families are gathered
2. Don’t go shopping on Christmas Eve, while they are playing ‘Oh Holy Night’
3. Don’t hit the bottle, depression will hit you over the head, and you will drown in self-pity

You don’t HAVE to be alone, please know there is always somebody that would be there for you, if you allow them. So please allow your friends to help you!

I wish I could invite all the lonely people for Thanksgiving, but I might need a house as big as a country for that!

But I can send you some love through cyber-space ... so pucker up, and open your arms wide!

Hugs to all of you!

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