Monday, November 14, 2011

Random updates

The weekend is over ... I have been up since 4:30 AM and Big T is already working.
We have a promise of 70 - degree weather after we have almost blown away all weekend.

My Burning Bush (such a naughty name for a plant) lost a lot of it’s brilliant leaves and the Mums in my pots suffered from frost. Yet the ones on my patio are still okay.

We tired to cover my ‘strawberry hill’ with piles of leaves, we sure have enough of those, but the wind had other plans. When I planted all those strawberry plants I was advised to cover them with straw in the winter, but since it is hilly in our yard, we know that won’t stay either.
So yesterday we covered them with landscaping fabric, and hammered staples into the dirt to keep it in place. We also put some weights on it. (Pieces of left-over decking)

We brought food (and visited) friends ... I posted before how my friend crashed her 4-wheeler and ended up in intense care ... her hubby and 3 kids are doing pretty good ... we take turns bringing meals. There were no head-injuries, but her pelvis is broken, liver, spleen and lungs have been damaged — 13 broken ribs. After two weeks the kids got to see her for ONE hour.

Today my mother had to go to a cardiologist ... she has had so many problems this last year and now there are concerns about her heart. My sister is going to Holland to visit, leaving next week.

I am considering going for a week during Christmas ... Big T will be staying home ... maybe he can keep up my blog and you can keep him company?

One more thing ....
I had a meeting with the mother of the little boy that shows signs of learning disabilities. Thanks to all the feedback on one of my last blogs it was easier for me to talk to her and help her understand. The good news is ... she has agreed to get him evaluated!

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