Sunday, November 20, 2011

My popcorn fiasco ...

When I was a teenager I used to babysit for families from different countries, to practice my languages. I took English, French and German. Kids always tell you the truth when you make a mistake and I felt safe ‘practicing’ my language skills.

I learned a lot more though. Different cultures, different foods. It was fun!

One food group that is not popular in Holland is corn ... it is for pigs ... and I mean real pigs!
Not people-pigs!

During one of my visits I was invited to stay for popcorn. I was amazed! They showed me those tiny kernels afterwards and told me, that the heat and some oil makes it pop. This was before ‘microwave popcorn’, many moons ago ...

They were kind enough to give me a small bag with kernels, so I could share this little miracle with my family.

My mother did not like us kids in the kitchen ... I had to learn to cook on my own. So I didn’t tell her what I was up to. She was busy washing the windows on the outside, something she did every week. Yep, scrubby Dutch!

So I took a frying pan, put the oil in it, just like they had told me ... when it got hot I put the kernels in. My siblings were amazed at my bravery in the kitchen. They had followed me to the kitchen, with their friends. Our house was a happy drop-in at all times!

When the kernels started popping they flew out of the frying pan and soon popcorn was coming down like snowflakes on a winter day. The kids were all screaming and diving for popcorn, making so much noise my mother came in to check up on us.

She was not happy with me at first, but since it all got cleaned up FAST, she had a good laugh at my account.

You still can’t buy popcorn in Holland and when relatives come over for a visit they stand and look at the huge choice of popcorn. Wondering how we can ever make a choice ...

Do you have a favorite?

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