Friday, October 28, 2011

Will this work?

I don't really expect an answer, I know I am kind-off talking to myself. Just clearing my mind. Yes, I have learned people are reading what I write and that is cool, I have a soundboard ... it helps!

So, where was I? Oh yeah .... I remember now ...

Will this work?

My son has been dating a girl that enjoys sex as much as he does ... yes, he told us ... we have always been able to discuss anything.

Yesterday, when he called, I asked how his girlfriend was. It had been a few weeks since we talked, he doesn’t call very often.

He told me she was great, but they did have a problem. She is very introverted and doesn’t like to mingle ... and she doesn’t like to get together with people that are not their age.

He hopes this will pass, since he is a very outgoing person and will talk to anyone. Also, he is the president of a fraternity and has certain obligations. So when they have a gathering and he is doing ‘the rounds’ to make sure everybody feels welcome, while answering questions, he is very much aware that she is sitting at a table ... alone.

I told him that I know several couples, where one is outgoing and the other one isn’t and usually this personality-trait is something we will have to accept, because it won’t change.

Yet both parties need to be comfortable with it.

He is not comfortable with it ... and she is not either. If YOU are in a relationship like this, and it is working for you, how are you making it work?

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