Saturday, October 15, 2011

To spank or NOT to spank

To spank or NOT to spank

No my sweet, lovely pervs ... I am not talking about the beautiful behind of your lady!

We all know Dr Spock got his info mixed up and changed his mind AFTER everybody followed his advice. But it depends on whom you listen to and which generation you are a part of.
Parents are always asking me this question and lets face it, I have a daycare/preschool ... is it a trick question? Are they making sure I don’t beat their kids?
Yet, I have had a mother of two angry little boys give me permission to spank them. Did I?
Never, never, never would I spank someone else’s child!!!
I am not against a spanking at home, just so it is not a common diet! And with angry children you MIGHT get the opposite result. When you teach a ‘hitter’ not to hit, spanking would NOT be the way to go! I suggest you COUNT and while counting get creative in HOW this child might need to be disciplined. Without force, preferably!
Distancing yourself from the child does wonders for calming down, for BOTH of you. So you can respond to the bad behavior instead of reacting to it. Your first impulse might be force and that is never a good idea. Do you think all those people on the news set out to kill their kids? Most of them are immature and lost control.
The mother of those two angry little boys recently thanked me. She thinks she might have been on the news if she had been a full-time mother. The anger-issues were a part of this family, so it was a good thing we raised those little guys together.
No way am I implying here, that I am a perfect mother, I have made my fair share of mistakes.
But I sure tried!

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