Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sexual tension at work ... bringing social pressure ... and a pretense of DISLIKING someone?

School age kids who LIKE each other, will torment each other, because it is JUST NOT COOL to like somebody with cooties. Because at that age, all your friends will tell you that the opposite sex has cooties! Right?

Their very young society tells them, that it is WRONG to like this little boy/girl, so let’s make sure all your classmates know you DON’T like them. (My son could never figure this out at school – he kept insisting all the girls hated him)

Do you realize we have this same thing going on in the workforce? Look around! I mean TAKE A CLOSE LOOK!

I personally did this after my divorce ... I worked with all guys and made sure they all knew I was a total bitch. The ones that tried to break through my barricade thought they found the ultimate ICE-QUEEN.

But it was only my protective shield, I was still licking my wounds, and it took a lot more to get through to me than a little flirting. For me it was self-preservation. I didn’t really hate all those guys! But there was sexual tension, so I had to do SOMETHING to protect myself.

If you are honest with yourself, you might admit, that you keep some co-workers at a safe distance .... you would love to get in her/his pants, but you are married. Most relationships would find this a huge taboo, like 98%? Yet the heat is there! And sexual tension!

So, again, back to those cooties, society tells us ---- stay away — don’t get burned! You might have to act like an ass, even though you REALLY like the person. You are probably having dreams and fantasies.

But society and your conscience tells you ... don’t be selfish, don’t hurt the one you love. Yet it is only natural that you would find some attractions outside the home. How you act on it, is up to you!

In the grand picture there is a lot of difference between LOVE and LUST, and this is something we need to establish before we act .... considering, that you DON’T want to hurt your mate.

There is only a small percentage of spouses, who would be okay with this (open marriage), but most people (even in the lifestyle) might first consult with their mate. Cheating is cheating!!

These are MY personal feelings ... we may agree to disagree ... feel free to share your feelings on this!

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