Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Are you a people pleaser?

My sister was on the phone when she looked out of her window and saw her neighbor cutting flowers from a flowerpot by her front-porch. She had a hard time getting this blue Salvia to bloom, but now it really complimented the other colors in the pot. So she ran to her front-door and yelled at the woman. The woman, startled, apologized and went back home.

I have to tell you the story about this woman!

The lady’s parents lived in this house first and my sister was very close to the elderly couple. She was heart-broken when they passed away, one right after the other, after many years together.

So when their daughter moved into the house, my sister tried to maintain this friendship. She would bring the lady flowers from her yard, and told her to help herself to some blackberries. She later wished she had not invited her to help herself, because the woman appeared in her back-yard with several kids and containers and they not only cleared the vines of berries, they also damaged them.

My sister never said a word to the woman about this, but it did bother her.
Then, in the spring, the lady came in my sister’s yard and cut off most of her tulips. She was obviously overdoing the ‘welcome mat’ yet my sister still didn’t confront her. But it made her sad, because her yard lost it’s springtime splendor.

Another incidence happened in the Fall, when this lady asked my sister’s husband for some red beets from their garden ... my brother-in-law told her she could have some. When he told my sister about this she cringed and told him they might not have enough to can now. The neighbor solved that problem ... she took ALL the red beets. They saw her getting in her car with her purse and a Walmart bag filled with beets ... she was passing the loot around?

So when my sister saw this lady cutting her flowers OUT OF HER POT, she finally snapped.

But guess what?

The next day she went to the woman’s house with a beautiful, self-made floral-arrangement. She apologized for yelling at her and explained why those blue flowers meant so much to her.

My sister is a sweetheart and I hate it when people take advantage of her. When I told her she was ‘way too nice’ she said, "I know, I know, I am a people pleaser."

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